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210-color RIANCY colored penci


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Color: 210 Multicolor


  • Watercolor pencils are a medium that give the artist the best of both worlds of painting and drawing. They are similar to colored pencils but behave differently when water is added. This is because colored pencil pigment is held by a waxy or oil-based binder, while watercolor pencils have a water-soluble binder. Because the medium is encased inside of a pencil that can be sharpened, the artist can create detailed and delicate marks that may be difficult to achieve with a brush.
  • How to Use Watercolor Pencils: The manner in which watercolor pencils are used is ultimately up to the artist. But, as with any medium, there are some things that may be helpful to keep in mind. Here are a few suggestions for drawing with watercolor pencils.
  • Watercolor pencils can be mixed, mostly through layering. To mix colors, apply one color and then layer an application of a second color over the top or right next to the first color. Then, activate the area with water. The colors will mix together.
  • Take Color Directly from the Pencil Tip: You aren’t limited to applying the pencil to the surface. You can also take the pigment directly from the tip of the pencil with a brush loaded with water. You can then apply the color directly to the surface with a brush, just like with traditional watercolors. This technique often results in a lighter and less intense application of color.
  • Variety of Uses: Premium Quality Gel Pens are Great for a Variety of Uses Such as Arts & Crafts, Adult and Children Coloring Books, Scrapbooks, School Projects, Party Invites, Greeting Cards, Doodle, DIY Decor & Letters to Friends & Family, The Uses are Endless!

Package Dimensions: 62x324x1320

Details: Advantages and Disadvantages Watercolor pencils are inexpensive and portable giving them an advantage over traditional watercolors. They can be picked up at any art store. Because they can be sharpened to a fine point, it’s easy to develop details that may be hard to get with traditional watercolor paints. Watercolor pencils can be used alongside traditional watercolor paints as well. While watercolor pencils provide some advantages, there are some traditional watercolor techniques that may be difficult to duplicate.

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